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Dear Student, when you join RK Classes, you are actually joining the RK Family! The environment we provide, our innate culture, the continuous follow-ups that we do, the communications, are all born out of our commitment to your overall academic improvement. Because we truly believe that, at our very core, RK Classes is a Family… not an educational corporate. At RK Classes, we cater to our children’s academic needs, based on each child’s individual grasping power, academic capabilities and level of performance achievement. Our system of regular Parent-Principal-Teacher interaction and involvement ensures timely and effective problem-solving, both academic and non-academic. At RK Classes, we leverage technology as a means, not an end. So, it is our teachers (and not technology) that play a vital and crucial role in imparting knowledge and ensuring understanding. We advocate (and diligently follow) a simple philosophy: We are (the child’s) friends inside the classroom and parent-substitutes outside the classroom. [And not vice-versa, as found in most other coaching classes.] RK Classes offers a host of carefully structured strategic services, aimed at enhancing and securing your child’s future.

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IF you Belive, You will Achive.

Our vision is to devlope passion for learning in our student and mold them to face the real world. We want to devlope personality of student, make them culture-friendly and convert them to a mature person.

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We Facilitate our Students.

We respect the efforts of Students and Parents.Students are giving there efforts and Parents are giving there Efforts for make money for Educate there Child. So it is our responsibility to make them confortaalbe with us, for this regarding we Organaize some Events.

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See how our Students & Teachers made their #Success Stories

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    I highly recommend this platform, amazing experience with fast delivery

    “ Their teaching method is conceptual, motivating and friendly. I can clear my doubt any time. They have very deep knowledge of subject and exam pattern, with all the guidance of their tutos, I scored 98% in Mathematics and 96% in Physics. And yet qualified in IIT MAINS with 12th rank. ”

    Kapil Sir

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    welcoming Honourable cheaf guest by Pramod Sir -CEO of Digital Universe Computer Institute

    “ At Digital Universe, we take immense pride in being a leading institution in the realm of computer education, and it is all thanks to the vision and guidance of our esteemed owner, Pramod Sir. His dedication, expertise, and passion have steered our institute towards new heights, equipping countless students with valuable skills and knowledge in the digital domain. ”

    Pramod Sir Master In IT | Hardwaring

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    IT Experts

    “ As the proud owner of JMM Info Tech, it is with great joy and honor that I extend a heartfelt welcome and warm greetings to you on the occasion of our Annual Day Celebration. Your presence at this momentous event is truly appreciated and holds a special place in our hearts. At JMM Info Tech, we are committed to excellence in the realm of technology and innovation. Our Annual Day serves as a platform to celebrate the accomplishments of our talented students, dedicated faculty, and the collaborative efforts of our entire JMM family. ”

    Sunil Sir Expert in Web development | Application development

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    Police Commissioner

    “On behalf of RK Classes, it is with great honor and respect that we extend our warmest greetings to you. We take immense pleasure in welcoming you to our institute, where we strive to empower and shape the minds of young learners. As an esteemed member of the law enforcement community, you play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of our society. Your dedication, bravery, and commitment to upholding justice are commendable, and we are deeply grateful for your invaluable service.. ”

    Evelyn Mccoy 2nd Standard, Manchester UK

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    Best teacher awards

    “ On behalf of the entire RK Classes community, we are thrilled to extend our warmest greetings and a heartfelt welcome to you! Your presence in our institute, renowned for its excellence in education, is an absolute honor. ”

    Balram Sir Expert in Economics Subject

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